A Revolution in Healthcare – Health Information Technology

Health Information Technology is a force that will touch every healthcare organization and professional.
Health systems, payers, and providers must include patients and their families as health information technologies are introduced. Their impact and voices will be one way to determine which systems are right and whether they are making the expected difference.
We will need to continue to use data better to address issues and identify areas of improvement.

There is no I in Team

Case Management is a team sport, and like in all sports, there is no I in team, and the team members have to respect each other and work together. In this article, I would like to discuss the benefits and strategies of incorporating multidisciplinary perspectives, such as social workers, pharmacists, physicians, therapists, psychologists, and the other disciplines that comprise the multidisciplinary healthcare workforce.

Effective Communication Strategies with Clients

Effective communication strategies for case managers is to maintain clear and open lines of effective communication between patients and families, providers, payers, and others with whom they interact according to their role and function. Each takes a different skill that needs to be honed continuously. 

Case Managers must foster an environment where all stakeholders feel comfortable sharing information, expressing concerns, and asking questions. This type of transparent communication builds trust among team members and helps prevent miscommunication that can lead to poor outcomes. 

Questions and Tips to Improve Your Documentation!

The importance of documentation cannot be overemphasized. In this post, I wanted to share some questions and tips to improve your documentation. As nurse case managers, we learned about documentation during our training, but with technology taking over healthcare, our documentation is more important than ever. 

Take some time to think about how you document. Is it clear? Does it help the healthcare team coordinate care and ensure streamlined communication? Could a colleague pick up your cases if you had to take time off?  Here are some points to review and see how you can improve your documentation. 

Benefits of Belonging to Your Professional Organization

Case Managers are professionals from various disciplines. As professionals, we have a responsibility to be a cut above. We must adhere to a code of conduct and ethical standards, and participate in professional development activities, including Belonging to Your Professional Organization

To meet each of these responsibilities, belonging to a professional organization is critical as professional organizations have the responsibility of keeping the workforce up to date as the industry changes.

In the area of case management, we have several professional organizations that case managers can belong to. Most people decide on which organization they will belong to by the sector they are in. Here are a few that you can consider:

The ONE tool that will help pass the CCM Exam

Recently, I was emailed a question from a case manager who was preparing to sit for the CCMC Exam for the 2nd time. I decided to write this article as it is a common question. his questions from a case manager who is preparing to take the CCM Exam for the 2nd time. She is searching for the ONE tool that will help her pass. In my answer, I try to tell her that there is no magic tool. She has purchased a number of tools. Now she has to do the work to understand the material so that she can answer the questions on the exam by critically thinking.

Need to Renew your Case Manager Certification Soon? 10 Tips to Help You Through the Journey

If you are a new Certified Case Manager, congratulations. Once you get over celebrating, it is time to think about how you will maintain your hard-earned certification!

You will need to renew your Case Manager Certification soon, and here are 10 tips to help you through your journey.

Read the renewal rules for your certifications. Each Body has specific rules you need to follow. Print off the renewal handbook and READ IT. 

Inquiring Minds Want to Know… Who is ANCC and Why Should YOU Know Them? 

Who is ANCC? 

ANCC stands for the American Nursing Credentialing Center. ANCC is the credentialing arm of the American Nursing Association, the professional organization for nurses. ANCC credentials for both organizations and individuals who advance nursing. In addition to accreditation and certification programs, ANCC also offers ways for organizations to achieve Magnet Status as well as a program titled; Pathways to Excellence. Each recognizes excellence in Nursing.  

Your ANCC Nursing Case Management Certification Questions Answered

What is the ANCC Nurse Case Management Certification Exam? 

The ANCC (American Nursing Credentialing Center) Nurse Case Management Certification exam is one of the many certifications case managers can take to validate their work in case management. The major difference between this one and the other case management certification exams is that the ANCC exam is focused on the nursing process. 

The largest discipline to work in case management, utilization management, and population health is nursing. As a result, the ANCC developed the Nursing Case Management Exam specifically for registered nurses who work in case management across the broad healthcare continuum.