Why Take a Prep Course Before You Sit For a Case Management Certification Examination?

Many ask, “should I take a prep course to help me pass the case management certification examination”? The answer is, that it depends. This article provides ten reasons why people take a prep course to help them prepare for their certification exam or any national examination that requires recall from various domains or practices. If these points resonate with you, check out the resources from the Case Management Institute to help you prepare as you step up to case management certification.

  1. Certification Examinations are scary. Most people who sit for a certification exam have not taken a formal test for many years, so taking a certification prep course can help decrease anxiety and help you feel confident.
  2. A prep course will cover a wide variety of topics that will help you know the essential areas/domains of practice on which the exam is based.
  3. A prep course will explain concepts and theory and how it relates to actual practice. A prep course will help you think critically and associate theory with actual practice as you answer questions.
  4. A prep course will help you think outside of the box. Most certification examinations are broad, so you must look at what the question is asking vs. what you do in your job.
  5. A prep course will remind you that you are taking an examination that tests the fundamentals of the practice.
  6. A prep course will help you organize your thoughts and help you focus on what you don’t know. A prep course s will help you maximize your time, so you focus on things you need to understand better.
  7. A prep course will allow you to interact with others by taking the certification exam. The interaction will help you think critically.
  8. A prep course will help you understand how to break down questions so you can zero in on what is being asked and help you not overthink a question.
  9. A prep course will help you understand how to eliminate answers that don’t fit the question. Narrowing down answers is an important skill, especially when you don’t know the right answer.
  10. A prep course will set you on a path of study that is organized and focused on what you need to know for the exam you are taking.

The Case Management Institute has several resources to help you prepare for two of the National Case Management Certification examinations, the Commission for Case Management CCM Exam and American Nurses Credentialing Center Nursing Case Management Exam. As an instructor for both courses, I have seen firsthand how taking a prep course can turn anxious test takers into confident test takes. If you have questions, please feel free to email me at allewellyn48@gmail.com,