Which course is right for me?

Foundations of Case Management

You are a nurse or case manager that wants to:

  • become or recently became a case manager
  • learn the basics of case management
  • find a course that gives you a foundation to be successful in your first case management position
Utilization Management and MCG Course

You are a nurse or case manager that wants to:

  • work as a utilization manager
  • learn how to use MCG (the software most companies use for UM)
  • find a course to learn utilization management                                                                              

Combines the two courses above into one ultimate course!

Foundations of Case Management and Utilization Management MCG Course
  • Gives you everything you need to work as a case manager, utilization manager, or in a combined role where a case manager takes on the UM responsibilities
  • Gives you greater exposure to the roles of case managers and utilization managers
  • Saves you hundreds of dollars! 
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Foundations of Case Management

Become a Case Manager

Now Only $897.00

  • Deep-dive into the Case Management process
  • Aligns with CMSA Standards of Practice
  • Evidence based curriculum
  • 15.5 CNE credits
Utilization Management and MCG Course

Become a Utilization Manager

Now Only $897.00

  • Overview of the Utilization Management process
  • Hands-on MCG Training
  • Eligible for MCG certification*
  • 9 CNE credits                                             

*MCG Certification demonstrates and verifies your proficiency in using the software and care guidelines. Additional fees apply for certification. Click here for more information.