Salary for Case Managers


Summary The 2022 Case Management Salary & Trends Survey shows that the salary for most case managers is between $80,000 and $139,999 per year. The survey also shows that the majority of case managers are satisfied with their job.


What is the Salary for Case Managers?

We are often asked about the salary for case managers. To answer this question The Case Management Society of America (CMSA) and the Case Management Institute (CMI) collaborated on a 2022 Case Management Salary and Trends Survey

The survey results show that most case managers (62%) earn a base salary of $80,000 or more. Over a quarter of case managers (27%) earn $100,000 per year or more. 8% make $130,000 or more annual base salary while only 7% of case managers reported a salary under $60,000. In addition, 84% of case managers’ salaries were listed at or above $70,000 per year. (Cooper-Gillingham et al., 2022)

Furthermore, 65% of case managers reported an increase in their salary over the last year and 85% of case managers are satisfied with the salary they receive. (Cooper-Gillingham et al., 2022)

Factors Influencing a Case Manager’s Salary

There are many factors at play in determining what an individual case manager will earn such as; years of experience in health care as well as case management, geographic location, and holding a certification. As case management is a multidisciplinary practice another important factor is the case manager’s primary discipline (RN, SW, PT). RN Case Managers tend to earn more than Social Work Case Managers.

An interesting observation is that when comparing the 2022 Case Management Salary and Trends Survey with the American Nurse Journal (ANJ) 2021 Nursing Trends and Salary Survey case managers earn more than nurses. The AJN survey revealed that only 39% of nurses earn between $80,000 and $139,999 compared to 62% of case managers (Senior, 2021).

But salary is not everything. The Case Management Salary and Trends Survey also found that the overwhelming majority of case managers, more than nine out of 10 (92.5%), are satisfied with their job. This along with the fact that nurses do not need to go back to college to earn an additional degree to work as case managers make it a great career move for nurses.  

Those interested in becoming a case manager should learn more about this career option. Case Management Institute has a free webinar where nurses can earn one CNE by learning more about this career option as well as Utilization Management. 

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