Inquiring Minds Want to Know… Who is ANCC and Why Should YOU Know Them? 

Written by: Anne Llewellyn, MS, BHSA, RN, CCM, CRRN, CMGT-BC, FCM

Today there are several certifications for professionals involved in Case Management/Care Coordination. In this article, I will share information on the Nursing Case Management Certification that is administered by the ANCC. 

Who is ANCC? 

ANCC stands for the American Nursing Credentialing Center. ANCC is the credentialing arm of the American Nursing Association, the professional organization for nurses. ANCC credentials for both organizations and individuals who advance nursing. In addition to accreditation and certification programs, ANCC also offers ways for organizations to achieve Magnet Status as well as a program titled; Pathways to Excellence. Each recognizes excellence in Nursing.  

What is ANCC Certification?

 ANCC Certification Programs give nurses the opportunity to advance their nursing careers and prove their ability to provide the best patient care. ANCC offers nurses a number of certifications in various specialties. Click here to review them to see which one fits your career goals. 

Why would you want to obtain ANCC Certification? 

Nurses choose ANCC certification programs when looking for national certification as they are well-known and respected in the field of nursing. ANCC is the credentialing arm of the American Nurses Association which represents four million nurses across the county. 

Does ANCC have a certification for nurses working in Case Management?  

Yes, the ANCC Nursing Case Management board certification examination is a competency-based examination that provides a valid and reliable assessment of the entry-level clinical knowledge and skills of registered nurses involved in nursing case management. Nurses involved in case management reach a time in their careers when they look for validation and recognition. ANCC provides that recognition in the Nursing Case Management Certification. 

How can I study for the Nursing Case Management Board Certification Exam? 

Nurses who sit for a national certification search for a plan of study so they can increase their chances of passing the certification exam. Many look to the certifying body that developed the certification exam as well as organizations that designed prep courses to help them prepare. ANCC offers nurses who are looking to achieve certification in case management several resources to prepare. Click here to learn more. The main one is the Nurse Case Manager Review and Resource Manual.  

Another resource is a prep course that reviews the published outline for the exam. The Case Management Institute, an online community for case managers from all settings, released an online-on-demand course for nurses who like to study at their own pace from anywhere with an internet connection. The two instructors who developed the Nursing Case Management Review Course are the authors of the Nursing Case Management Review and Resource Manual as well as certified nurse case managers. The On-Demand program takes the ANCC Exam Blueprint and explains how the theory is translated into actual practice. You can review the On Demand Course by clicking here 

I hope this article gave you insights into ANCC and the certification programs they offer. If you have questions, please feel free to email me at 

Anne Llewellyn MS, BHSA, RN-BC, CCM, CRRN CMF, CMGT-BCBio: Anne Llewellyn, MS, BHSA, RN, CCM, CRRN, CMGT-BC, FCM

Anne is a registered rehabilitation nurse with over forty-three years of experience in critical care, risk management, catastrophic case management, patient advocacy, and healthcare education including training and development. Anne speaks and writes frequently on topics for consumers, caregivers, and all members of the healthcare team so that together we can improve each person’s healthcare experience. Follow her on her weekly Blog, Nurses Advocate where she shares stories and events that will help people be better prepared when they enter the healthcare system.