Case Management Is… Series: Part 1

The Case Manager  

Written by Carolyn G Dunbar MSN RN Case Manager 


The Job of a case manager  

To others is sometimes hard to describe 

Because we can take care of our Clients 

With dignity, without actually standing by their side 


Because in the healthcare field 

If you’re not specifically hands on 

Others may try to judge you 

Because you’re not physically tired and worn 


But case managers do get tired 

And there’s proof that it’s true 

Although sometimes it’s very extensive 

To explain what case managers do 


For some think case management is the perfect job 

They think we only talk to clients on the phone 

They don’t understand we also go through trial and tribulations

Trying to keep our Clients, healthy in their home 


You see case management is not new 

It’s been around for over 90 years 

We’ve been tolling and managing for our Client 

Sometimes through blood, sweat and tears 


Case management was started for Clients who had chronic illnesses 

Whose care was looked over in a rush 

Not realizing that these Clients need much more guidance

And not just a special touch 


So a case manager goes the extra mile 

To make sure that the supervision is there 

To ensure that the Client gets the best treatment they deserve

And seamless transition to excellent health care


Now there are many different types of case managers 

But they all fill the same role  

To Advocate for the Client 

Because we all have the same goal 


Sometimes case managers are not liked 

And some think we are health care bullies 

But we know the purpose of our jobs 

And we put our heart into it fully 


Case managers have a code of Ethics 

And this is for a reason 

Because the case manager’s scope of practice 

Include Autonomy, Justice, Veracity, Beneficence and Nonmalefience 


So case managers just want you to understand 

That we are the Client’s voice 

And they put their trust in us 

To make the right choice 


It’s not just the Client we take care of 

It’s also the family that we serve 

So case managers provide precise and effective communication

So the Client and family can understand the treatment that they truly deserve 


Everyone cannot be a case manager 

For they do not have the assets by which case managers are described

Motivator, Coach, Educator, Therapist,  

With a huge dose of Compassion and Patience on their side


So when you come in contact with a case manager 

Just know they are trying to provide the best care 

To provide quality health care treatment for the Client 

Is a responsibility we all must share


FB IMG 1601504416839146 Carolyn G DunbarGuest post from Carolyn Dunbar, submitted as part of our “Case Management Is… Contest” and selected as the First Place Winner!

Hello, my name is Carolyn Dunbar and I live in the lively, creative city of New Orleans, Louisiana. I have been in Nursing for over 38 years. My current position that I have been blessed with is a Case Manager working with Post 9/11 Veterans at the VA. Before I was a Case Manager my specialty was Mental Health and I knew that I had Case Management in my blood because I always totally advocated for my clients and I would fully take care of their needs instead of re-directing their care. However, I had never really heard of Case Management. But when given the true opportunity I dove in head first. Besides caring for their medical, social and financial needs, I have been in charge of weddings, funerals, baby showers, graduations and many other events involving my clients. One of my greatest accomplishments as a case manager was helping my paraplegic client, who was injured in an IED blast, to obtain a fertility specialist after being inappropriately scheduled with a urologist. Now he has an 8-year-old daughter and two years after her birth with the same specimen he also has 6-year-old twins a boy and a girl. The birth of his children really gave him a reason to live again. And a little about myself besides being a nurse case manager is that I am a singer, a mime dancer, a story teller and a poet. This is the reason that I placed my selection as a poem. It is titled Military Poem because I dedicated it to Case Managers at the Military Day at the CMSA Annual Conference 2020 where I was the VA Co-Chair. And no matter if I win or lose I would like to dedicate this Poem to Case Managers All Over the World. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do so.