Utilization Management and MCG Course

12 Units

Utilization management ensures services provided are medically necessary and provided at the appropriate and least costly level of care. This course gives nurses and Case Managers general working knowledge of what Utilization Management/Utilization Review is, including the definition, process, insurance principles, and related laws.

MCG training: It’s a Catch 22 of needing MCG training to get a job but need a job to get MCG training. So, we partnered with MCG to bring you that training in this course. You will receive a certificate of completion and will be eligible to apply for MCG certification as well.

Training Includes:

  • The UM Process
  • Insurance Principles
  • Health-Related Legislation
  • Acuity and Severity Levels, levels of care, and care settings
  • MCG training in Inpatient and Surgical Care module
  • MCG training in General Recovery Care module
  • MCG training in Home Care module
  • MCG training in Recovery Facility Care module

Introduction to the Course

Introduction to Utilization Management

Insurance Principles

Healthcare and Disability Related Legislation

Acuity or Severity Levels

MCG Training - Inpatient & Surgical Care (ISC)

MCG Training - General Recovery Care (GRC)

MCG Training - Home Care-HC

MCG Training - Recovery Facility Care

BONUS: Putting It All Together (5:56)

BONUS: Additional MCG Practice

Congratulations! (and what's next) (1:50)