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Who We Are

CMI is a team of industry-leading case managers and support staff dedicated to the professional development of case managers.

What We Do

We provide education and training which aligns with accreditation, certification, and practice standards to ensure every case manager has developed the knowledge and skills they need to practice case management with excellence.

Why We Do It

We love Case Managers! With that being said, we saw a huge void in the training and resources available to these professionals. We are committed to filling that void. We know how busy and stressed case managers can be and we want to make their education simple by providing easy to digest, practical resources without filler or fluff.

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How can we help you? 

Whether you are a corporation needing a structured program for orientation or alignment of your case managers, or an individual who desires to enter or grow in the profession, we are here to help you provide the best case management to the clients you serve. Our products and services aligning with accreditation and certification standards to ensure the best possible outcomes to your clients, patients, and members.

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Our Mission

To Develop the Case Management Workforce

Case Management Institute provides case managers and future case managers with professional development, education, training, resources, fellowship, and support to advance their careers, serve their clients, and practice case management with excellence. 

At CMI we promote integrity in the practice of case management aligning with accreditation, certification, and practice standards through our training and education. We strive to advance the understanding of the practice of case management to healthcare professionals and promote goodwill and collaboration between case managers of various settings and disciplines for the benefit of our clients. 

We strive for the 5 E’s in all of our interactions, products, and services.

  • Excellent
  • Educational
  • Easy
  • Effective
  • Enjoyable

Our Founders

deanna cooper gillingham

Deanna Cooper Gillingham RN, CCM

Chief Executive Officer

Abi Carmen

Senior Vice President, Operations

Our Team Members

Rachael Flug

Rachael Flug

Executive Assistant

Abigail Tibig

Abigail Tibig

Virtual Assistant, Customer Support

Dawn Venedam

Dawn Venedam

Project Manager

Our Instructors

Anne Llewellyn

Anne Llewellyn


Anne Llewellyn is a registered nurse with over forty years of experience in critical care, risk management, case management, patient advocacy, healthcare publications and training and development. Anne has been a leader in the area of case management and was the President of the Case Management Society of America 2003-4. She was awarded their Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015 for her service to the case management industry. Anne is a member of the faculty for the Case Management Institute.
Anne writes a Blog titled, Nurses Advocate. You can view her website at

Barb Kuritz

Barbara Kurtz


Barbara Kuritz RN, BS LHCA CCM Barb has been a nurse for over 30 years and has held various roles including clinical nursing, managed care, education and leadership.
She has been published in leading Case Management Journals.
Barb is a past president of the CMSA Mid-Atlantic Chapter, and a current member of CMSA. Barb has been an instructor with the Case Management Institute and is working on various projects to introduce new professionals in the practice as well as assist those looking to achieve case management certification.

Eric Bergman

Eric Bergman


Eric Bergman RN, BA CCM is an International Nurse Case Manager for AXA Assistance, one of the
World’s leading travel assistance companies. At AXA he has worked as the case manager overseeing the evaluation and coordination of care all over the world for patients struck by a sudden illness while abroad, as well as a repatriation escort. Eric has served on the CMSA Chicago Board of Directors since 2014 and currently serves as Vice Chair of the National CMSA Public Policy Committee.

Martha Pressley-Turner

Martha Pressley-Turner


Marty is ANCC certified in Case Management since 2004 and part of ANCC's Content Expert Panel for Case Management for the past 7 years.  Martha is a retired Lt Colonel from the U.S.Air Force.

Ellen Fink-Samnick

Ellen Fink-Samnick


Ellen has been a commissioner for CCMC, member of their Executive Committee, and Chair of their
Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee. She sits on the Editorial Advisory Board for the Professional Case Management Journal, and is moderator of Ellen’s Ethical Lens on

Laura Ostrowsky

Laura Ostrowsky


Laura Ostrowsky, RN, CCM, MUP, holds a Master’s Degree in Health Planning and Policy from Hunter College.  She has been a CMSA member since 2005 and has served on the Board of Directors of the NYC Chapter of CMSA since 2011, and CMSA National from 2016-2018.  In 2012 she was CMSA Case Manager of the Year. Laura has over 40 years of health care experience, including time as a staff nurse, QA Coordinator, Director of UR and QA, followed by directorships in CM at New York Presbyterian (NYP), and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  She is currently writing, teaching and consulting on all things Case Management.

Laura has published articles on Case Management in CMSA Today, Professional Case Management, Case in Point, The Patient Flow Journal and other periodicals.  She regularly presents at national conferences including CMSA, the Patient Advocate Institute and others on topics ranging from case management, patient flow, and payer provider collaboration to advocacy, collaborative practice and case management’s role in the changing health care environment.

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Corporate Training

Case Management Institute provides Corporate Training, professional development, education, training, resources, fellowship, and support to advance their Case Managers careers, serving their clients, and case management practice with excellence. For more information, please email

CM Professional Growth

Case Management Institute provides Case Management professional development, education, training, resources, fellowship, and support to advance their Case Managers careers, serving their clients, and case management practice with excellence. For more information, please email

CM Training

Case Management Institute provides CM Training, professional development, education, training, resources, fellowship, and support to advance their Case Managers careers, serving their clients, and case management practice with excellence. For more information, please email

About Deanna Cooper Gillingham, Co-Founder

Deanna Cooper Gillingham, RN, CCM is a leader in case management with over a quarter-century experience in healthcare as a Registered Nurse and Case Manager. She is CEO and co-founder of the Case Management Institute, and leader and co-founder of the Case Managers Community, a group of over 11,000 committed case managers. From there she hosts the popular Case Managers Community Saturday morning FB Lives. 

In addition to her own books, CCM Certification Made Easy: Your Guide to Passing the Certified Case Managers Exam and Foundations of Case Management (Available 2020), she has contributed to other works including Second Acts, Stepping Up to Certification, and Case Management Salary and Trends Survey. 

Deanna educates and inspires through both live and online presentations. Her live speaking has included hosting the Case Managers Cruise for 3 years and co-presenting NNBA Pre-Conference Case Management and Patient Advocacy: Career Paths for Nurses Who Want to Move Beyond the Bedside. Her online presentations include Successful Study Strategies for the CCM Exam, Test Taking Strategies for the CCM Exam, and Everything You Need to Know About Case Management As a Career Option for Nurses.

Deanna has served on the Board of Directors of the CMSA Foundation, is a member of The Case Management Society of America (CMSA), Registered Nurse Innovators, Influencers, & Entrepreneurs (RNiie), The National Nurses In Business Association (NNBA), and Rotary International.

She is currently living her dream life in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico. From there she is writing her next book or course from her patio overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea. 

If You Would Like To Learn More About Deanna, Catch One Of These Interviews Or Podcast Episodes She Has Been On…

Taking the Leap Before 

You're "Ready"!

If you’re a side hustler and feeling overwhelmed, stuck in the shame spiral of what everyone is telling you to do either on Instagram or in-person, and need a little bit of a pep talk, this episode is for you.  

  • How a “worst-case scenario” exercise helped her leap into entrepreneurship
  • The ongoing battle she had between her 5-year plan and her “gut” to take the leap
  • How collaborations changed the game for her business
  • How her world opened up when she realized she could be an entrepreneur (and it’s not something you’re born into)
  • Why even five minutes a day spent on your business can get you big results

Maybe it’s because Deanna is a nurse – she knew exactly what to say at just the time I needed it.  I hope you take this one as a little side hustler hug from me to you today. 

deanna cooper gillingham

Click Play to Listen to the Episode Below!

your next shift nurses podcast

Deanna talks about:

  • How being uncomfortable can actually improve your nursing career;
  • Why taking advice from family friends may not always be in your professional interests;
  • And what breaking things down into smaller chunks can do for your nursing success!

In this episode, Deanna chats about one of the best RN jobs for nurses that are burning out of bedside nursing: The Nurse Case Manager.

project nurse podcast
biz chix podcast episode

Deanna talks about her struggles with letting go of control, stepping into the role of CEO in her business, and scaling her business.

Deanna talks about how her passion is finding solutions to problems and creating plans to bring the solutions about, and she has found that this project has given her the flexibility she hadn’t found before. 

beyond the bedside
Change of Shift

Deanna discusses case management as an entrepreneurial venture and how she got started as a nurse author and went on to publish a tremendously successful study guide.

Deanna co-presents a Webinar with Medix on Everything You Want to Know About Case Management as a Career.


Interested in working with Deanna? 


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