6-Week Healing Journey Coaching Program


Stress and obesity are interrelated and common among health care workers. Mind-body interventions have been shown to reduce psychological distress and have been incorporated into many weight loss programs resulting in transformation. The mindful breathing approach is used to strategies of real behavior change from the inside out. By practicing a few simple breathing techniques, participants will reduce stress levels, lower teach skills to calm the mind and relax the body.

By enrolling in this unique coaching program, participants will experience personal growth and self-awareness as they learn the powerful heart rate, and lower blood pressure, reduce depression, regulate the body’s reaction to stress and fatigue, and reduce the possibility of burnout. This requires a shift in thinking; participants will learn the secrets of effective communication and how our thoughts and feelings are linked to behaviors and habits. Participants will experience a transformation within themselves when they apply daily practices that align the mind and body into conscious coherence using wholistic tools and the science of happiness.