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Marty Pressley-Turner


The majority of my career has been OB at UNMC in Omaha, NE and Case Management at BCBSSC in Columbia, SC.  I am a Certified Lamaze instructor with Lamaze International, although I am not currently teaching. I worked hospice for 3 years as my husband was transitioning jobs.  We both are retired USAF officers.
Through my studies for ANCC certification, I learned Primary Nursing was the start of case management.  I did that at UNMC so literally have been a CM all my career!
For 8 years I was a participant, and later Chair, of ANCC Content Expert Panel for Case Management.  It was the pinnacle of my career in which I was allowed to ‘pay back’ to my profession and learn from the other 9 incredible nurses on the panel.
I have been working for Deanna for the past 2 years.

Marty Pressley-Turner

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