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  • @acarmen1
    On the exam i put a footnote as a letter a in brackets and it maked it wrong. T he first time i attempted the test this was correct. I also chose the other correct answer on number #5

    • Hi Linda,

      I am so sorry you are having issues. As far as I can tell the problem “buffering’ is a
      computer issue, not the Course itself. Please clear your browser cache, then shut
      your computer down and restart your computer. It is usually caused by not enough
      RAM, but try the cache stuff first. Thank you.

      Also, these issues should be sent to me…[Read more]

  • @acarmen1
    I am sitting here crying, I was almost finished with my exam and click on a case study and it log me out of the exam twice!! I lost my exam!!

  • @acarmen1
    I have logged out and back in again and still buffering.

  • @acarmen1
    Good evening. I am having trouble logging back in to the MCG Observation Care Guideline Module. The program keeps buffering.

  • @acarmen1
    Hi Abi. I was experiencing some techniqal difficulty and had to change my computer. My first assignment I submitted to you and the institution but it now I’m unable to locate this information. Did you receive it or do I just need to start over.

  • @acarmen1
    Hi Abi as we complete assignments do we send them to you

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